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  Diabetic Care Services
34099 Melinz Parkway, Unit F1
  Eastlake, OH 44095

  Call our toll-free number
  at 800-633-7167 to
  speak to a customer
  service representative.


8:30am-6pm EST

We accept most 3rd party prescription plans including the Medicare Part D.

We handle all of the paperwork by filling out and filing your insurance and Medicare claim forms.

We will notify you of your eligibility to use your insurance at within three business days.

Once your insurance has been verified, we will process your prescription order. If there's any question about your coverage, we notify you by phone or e-mail (whichever is most convenient for you) and ask how you'd like to proceed.

Visit our Insurance Information section for more information and answers to many of your insurance coverage questions.


Don't have insurance?

Click here to order by credit card