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"I really appreciate Diabetic Care Services. They are timely with my supplies and inform me of any new services that might available to me. Keep up the good work!"
– Lois A.
"Knowing that I have my testing supply on hand is so much easier. I'm a senior citizen and I don't drive. Having it delivered to my door assures me that I have it when I need it."
– Guadalupe Y.
"Fast, helpful, friendly and easy to get what my son needs."
– Susan S.
"I take care of my mother full time. It was a blessing to find your company. Everyone was so helpful, assisted me, contacted my mom's doctor and had her supplies within 5 days. Thank you!!!"
– Sandy M.
"Great service, thank you!"
– Shirley R.
"I am very pleased with your service. I am in a wheel chair and live on the fifth floor and the mail man will not deliver my mail upstairs. I am so thankful that you mail my package to my nieces house, then she brings it over. Thank you so much."
– Mildred P.
"Very good service!"
– G.R.C.
"In my experience you have provided courteous, accurate and timely service. I'm especially impressed with the caliber of people you employ to serve us."
– Alma S.
"I am very happy with your service."
– Dorothy S.
"Your company has made my life easier. I no longer worry about my need. I really enjoy talking to anyone in your office. They are all very helpful and kind. Thank you for everything."
– Beulah L.
"I think your service is great, thank you so much."
– Carrie G.
"Very prompt and efficient service. Personnel is very helpful too!"
– Norma M.
"Your personnel are very kind and courteous. The products arrive in a very timely manner."
– Richard K.
"Service is excellent-couldn't ask for anything more. You do all the work, even if we don't reorder in time. We always get that friendly phone call."
– Joan L.
"Your service has been great. I really appreciate it."
– Virginia M.
"Your service has always been and is excellent. The person who handles my account is excellent, caring, helpful, and aids me if and when I have a question and/or problem. On a scale of 1-10, please consider your service a 10!!"
– Jean C.
"There have been no negative experiences in my dealings with DCS. I have found everyone very helpful and courteous. My services and supplies have always been prompt and accurate. Thank you so much."
– Barbara M.
"Fine! Very courteous!"
– Marjorie B.
"Excellent quality and I especially enjoy the great personable people-so helpful. Fast service!"
– Miriam L.
"You did wonderful sending me a new diabetic meter."
– Anonymous
"You are super. I really can't say enough and appreciate the suggestions you have offered for other products. They are just as I expected."
– Anonymous
"I no longer have to find pharmacy numbers knowing that when I phone for an order, you know what I need."
– Carolyn A.
"Your service to me is very quick and timely."
– Billy I.
"Doing a fine job."
– Anonymous
"Very fast, friendly service."
– Robert J.
"I can always count on the service you have. Never had to complain. Good service."
– Elena E.
"I couldn't have asked for better service."
– Frances F.
"The service is EXCELLENT. Delivery is EXCELLENT."
– Helen B.
"I love shopping by phone. Convenient! Price of supplies is below drug stores. Saves money."
– Mary Lou W.
– Larry R.
"You are always a welcome voice on the end of the line. Everytime I have had a problem you have gone out of your way to solve it. All of my questions are answered so that I can understand them."
– Donna H.
"GREAT SERVICE! Thank you very much!"
– Kerry H.
"I have been satisfied with your service. I would recommend you to anyone. You have always been prompt in sending my supplies and always courteous on the phone."
– Rebecca G.
"Your service is excellent."
– Pearl Y.
"Excellent Service."
– John D.
"You take good care of me. Thank you."
– Ray B.
"Service is excellent!"
– Donald K.
"You're doing great!"
– Leonard A.
"Your service is excellent."
– Gloria W.
– Ray B.
"I am very pleased with service and delivery and friendly personnel you have. Great company."
– Sandra F.
"You service is excellent!! Keep up the good work."
– Leola M.
"Service has been excellent. We want to thank all the employees for their efforts with the past delivery. They were excellent!"
– John C.
"GREAT! Service from you is great and phone calls are very helpful too."
– Wanda R.
"Your service is fast, accurate and you are good to call and remind me."
– Barbara R.
"Doing great. Everything on time."
– Webster F.
"I appreciate your service."
– Rosalie B.
"I am very pleased with your service. It could not be improved upon. Thank you."
– Mary M.
– Herman R.
– Arden M.
– Edna N.
"I am very satisfied with the service i receive. Thank you."
– Joan S.
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