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Diabetes Logbooks & Accessories

Better manage your diabetes with these affordable diabetes accessories from Diabetic Care Services.

Logbooks not only help you track and understand trends in your blood glucose levels, but also provide a record of important medical information that your doctors can refer to as they develop and monitor your diabetes management plan.

Use logbooks and worksheets to help manage your diabetes. We offer several diabetes log books and carb cheat sheets to help understand your blood sugar fluctuations and keep track of what causes spikes.

These handy tools can help simplify your diabetes management.

All Products in Diabetes Accessories

Photo Product Description

CarbWise Cheat-sheets Orange

Type1 Tools

Your Price $12.00

CarbWise Cheat-sheets-4 Pack Travel Pads (Carb Only)

Type1 Tools

Your Price $24.00

Log Book Blood Glucose

American Diabetes Assoc

Your Price $1.95

My Pocket Doctor - Diabetic Reference Guide And Journal - 60 Minute Audio Book

Pocket Reference Journals

Your Price $11.99
Sale Price $9.99

Pill Crusher with Ergo Grip


Your Price $5.95

Pill Splitter


Your Price $5.95

The Ultimate Guild to Diabetic Foot Care DVD

Let's Dine Out with Diabetes

Your Price $19.95
Sale Price $16.99
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