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Diabetes Software & More

Use diabetes software to simplify the way you record your blood sugar readings. Diabetes management software can increase the speed and ease of tracking your numbers by creating an electronic diary recording of your blood glucose levels.

Our popular diabetes software programs can guide you to download and print your results, making you better able to share them with your healthcare team. With information gathered using your diabetes management software, your physician can better monitor and adjust your diabetes plan.

Our popular diabetes software brands

Diabetes software, like our OneTouch Software, helps you track your blood sugar levels over time. Depending on which blood glucose monitoring software you choose, you will be able to transfer and download results directly from your meter, or enter them manually. In addition, you’ll be able to easily spot trends in your glucose levels with the customizable charts and graphs available in diabetes management software.

Browse our diabetes software below and be sure to choose the one that is compatible with your blood glucose meter. If you need additional diabetes testing supplies, choose from our wide selection designed to help you manage your lifestyle and keep you healthy.

All Products in Software

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ACCU-CHEK Compass IR Cable 9 Pin



Your Price $29.99

Bayer WINGLUCOFACTS® Data Mgt. 9 Pin Cable



Your Price $24.95

Bayer WINGLUCOFACTS® Data Mgt. Software



Your Price $19.99

Bayer WINGLUCOFACTS® Data Mgt. USB Cable



Your Price $24.95

FreeStyle Data Cable (USB with Stereo Port)

Abbott Diabetes Care

Your Price $61.95
One Touch Diabetes Mgt. USB Cable

One Touch Diabetes Mgt. USB Cable

One Touch


Your Price $29.99

Prodigy USB Cable

Diagnostic Devices, Inc


Your Price $24.95
Sale Price $19.95

WaveSense ZERO-Click USB Cable



Your Price $19.95
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