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USB Cable only. The software is downloaded from

Data Management for use with the OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2, Ultramini and UltraSmart blood glucose meters. The OneTouch Interface USB Cable is included.

What are the minimum computer requirements?

  • High speed Internet access highly recommended
  • A OneTouch® Meter with a data port
  • A Windows®-compatible computer with:
    • 266 MHz, Intel® Pentium® 2 or equivalent (higher is recommended)
    • Minimum 128 MB of RAM (higher will help overall performance)
    • Minimum free hard disk space 100-200 MB during installation 100 MB for after installation
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Professional (SP2 or above), Windows Vista® (SP1 or above), or Windows® 7 and Windows 8.


  • 9-pin* COM or USB port 
  • Either:
    • A OneTouch® Interface Cable (required for OneTouch® Meters only), or
    • An appropriate cable for non-OneTouch® Meters that are supported by OneTouch® Software
  • Mouse/Trackball
  • Keyboard
  • Windows®-compatible printer (recommended if you wish to print reports; color printer recommended if you wish to print in color)
  • Video monitor with at least 800x600 pixel screen resolution and 256 colors
  • CD-ROM drive

* The 9-pin OneTouch® Interface Cable has been discontinued, but the software is still compatible with the 9-pin OneTouch®Interface Cable.

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