Autoject EI Fixed Needle Device (AJ1310)

Owen Mumford


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Manufacturer Information

- The Autoject EI gives the patient confirmation that the dose has been fully delivered. 

- The AJ 1310 is used mainly for injections dealing with erectile dysfunction.

- The external indicator  provides confirmation that the full dose has been delivered.

- Compatible with most brands of fixed needles.


Autoject EI has been specially designed for those who have difficulty injecting themselves manually with a syringe. At the touch of a button, Autoject 2 automatically inserts the needle and contents of the syringe into the skin without the user having to see the needle.

Autoject EI features adjustable penetration depth, a safety lock to prevent accidental firing and a dose completion indicator.

The one-handed operation makes it possible to use a wider range of injection sites than manually injecting with only a syringe.


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