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The Count A Dose allows a blind or vision impaired person with diabetes to fill an insulin syringe independently without assistance. Insulin therapy will cost a lot less using a Count A Dose versus using insulin pens and pre-filled reservoirs!

The Count A Dose is a simple way to fill insulin syringes safely and accurately with one or two bottles of insulin (any brand). The bottle holder is marked to identify bottles for easy mixing—one raised dot for the first bottle and two raised dots for the second bottle. With the click dial starting all the way down toward the raised minus (-) sign, the user simply moves the click dial the number of times, or clicks, per unit of insulin needed. Each click of the dial toward the plus sign (+) will draw one unit of insulin into the syringe.

Medicool has been the industry leader in providing quality, unique products to assist in daily living for those with Diabetes for the past 20 years. We are pleased to announce the return of a great product, the Count A Dose. For the past 2 years, this product has been off the market due to regulatory reviews by the FDA. The Count A Dose is now fully approved by the FDA.


It is our company’s mission to assist all those with Diabetes through offering the best and most unique products available. The Count A Dose is one of those products.


Easy to use

Measure and mix two insulin bottles at one time

Lightweight; easy to carry everywhere

Low-vision and blind friendly

Safe and accurate




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