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Bayer Contour Pacific Blue Meter Kit



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FREE METER! All Medicare or private insurance eligible customers will receive a FREE blood glucose meter with their first order of at least 100 test strips!

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The Improved Bayer® CONTOUR® Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Using the Bayer® CONTOUR Microfill blood glucose test strips

Simply Better

The improved CONTOUR® System makes testing fast, easy and accurate with No Coding required, before and after meal markers and test results in 5-seconds. Besides being one of the easiest single strip meters in the marketplace, Ascensia® CONTOUR® is also one of the most advanced in the marketplace. The improved Ascensia® CONTOUR® is simply better.


Features and benefits of the Ascensia® CONTOUR® with no coding required include:

No Coding required. The meter automatically calibrates each time a new lot of test strips is used. 

NEW 5-second test time

NEW 480 test memory

NEW Before and after meal test marking

NEW Larger buttons for easier use

NEW Improved display graphics

NEW Automatically corrects for common inferences

Small sample size (0.6uL)

Supports Diabetes Management Software

Alternate Site Testing (AST)

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