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Optium EZ Monitoring System

Abbott Diabetes Care


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FREE METER! All Medicare or private insurance eligible customers will receive a FREE blood glucose meter with their first order of at least 100 test strips!

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The Abbott Optium EZ Glucose Meter uses the True Measure Technology to ensure accurate test results each time you use your meter. The OptiumEZ Glucose Meter is easy to use with NO CODING required, fast test results, and small required blood samples.

Abbott Optium EZ Glucose Meter Features:

Automatic Calibration: The Optium Glucose meter requires no coding prior to use, for easy and fast testing

Alternate Site Testing: Reduces the pain associated with testing on the same area each time. Alternate test sites include: forearm, upper arm or base thumb.

Accurate Test Results: The Optium Glucose meter is designed to ignore interference from metabolites and common medicines including aspirin, vitamin C, and paracetamol. Test results are available in as little as 5 seconds.

Small Required Blood Sample: Requires only 0.6 ml of blood for accurate test results.

Less wasted Strips: The Optium EZ Test Strips are individually foil wrapped to ensure freshness and accurate test results. Patented fill trigger eliminates wasted test strips from false starts. This technology prevents the meter from starting a glucose test until enough blood is applied for testing.

Optimal Data Management: Includes a 450 value memory with 7, 14, and 30 day test result averages. Uploadable to your home computer using the Precision Link Direct Computer Software. Print and share your test result data with your doctor or health care professional.

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