WaveSense Jazz Meter
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Exclusively from Diabetic Care Services
WaveSense Jazz Features
  • Large, backlit digits for easy reading
  • High accuracy results
  • Provides a glucose variability calculation, a tool used to show how frequently blood sugar changes over a period of time and how intense these fluctuations are
  • Automatic mealtime tagging allows you to change the tag based on your schedule
  • Positive feedback feature notifies you if your readings are within your target range
  • Compliance tracker feature displays the average number of tests a day
  • Extensive memory, records up to 1,865 memories (an average of 5 per day for an entire year)

The WaveSense Jazz meter itself was simple to set up and easy to calibrate with the control solution. And the actual tests use very little blood (the tiniest amount I’ve ever seen for a test).
Diabetes Self-Management Blog
The WaveSense Jazz meter needles are carefully protected and the pen is small and portable allowing me to take this anywhere I go.
Mom Fuse Blog
I am especially pleased because it provides mealtime averages, which helps me track my readings throughout the day and provides averages and graphs that help me track my numbers.
Red Sox Mommy Blog

Performance Features
  • As fast as 1-2-3®*
  • 0.5 µL blood sample size
  • Alternate site testing
  • Easy-to-handle test strips
  • End-fill strip instantly fills
Safety Features
  • Units safety lock
  • Automatic marking of control solution
  • Non-slip rubber grips and feet
Data Management Features
  • Pre/Post mealtime averages
  • Daily Digest™
  • 7 User-settable alarms
  • Zero-Click™ software

*In some conditions, test may take as long as 12 seconds