EZ Bath Personal Wash Cloths (10 Pieces)

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Soft, Pre-moistened Cloths for a convenient bathing alternative!


Leading Age Personal wash cloths substitute the traditional bathing method with pre-moistened disposable wash cloths. These Personal wash cloths are anti-bacterial, lint-free, non-alcoholic, pH balanced, Vitamin E and other emollient fortified, microwavable EZ™ bath offering. The wash cloths are disposable which reduces the risk of cross contamination thereby reducing infection. The Wash cloths are extra-large (9”x12”) nonalcoholic and pre-moistened with gentle no-rinse cleanser that cleans and leaves the skin enriched with skin conditioner.

Caregiver benefits:

Reduced risk of injury to the caregiver as the patient can be given a bath in bed and does not have to be lifted. There is no risk of slipping on water spilled on the floor from the basin. Larger size of the cloth facilitates an easier bath with less time and reduced anxiety to the patient.

Patient benefit:

Patient can accomplish the bathing independently using the Personal bathing cloth. Antibacterial formulation reduces the risk of infection and the lint-free cloth leaves no residue on fragile skin for infection to develop. The surfactants in the cloth cleans the skin just like water and Vitamin E and other emollients enriches the skin and makes it soft and enhances skin integrity.


  • Anti-Bacterial properties help kill germs
  • Cleans, moisturizes and refreshes skin.
  • Alcohol Free content reduces the risk of skin irritation.
  • pH balanced contributing to soft and gentle skin.
  • Helps keep skin healthy and odor free.



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