How to Choose the Best Dog Groomer


Of course, your little companion is part of your family. Thus, how can you choose the right person to groom your dog? It requires a lot of effort and time to groom a dog. Besides, some precautions must be taken when using sharp tools such as electric clippers and scissors. A mobile dog groomer NewCastle will bath your pet in soapy water and then rinse thoroughly. Thus, you should not just trust anybody. The following are some tips to help you find a reputable pet groomer.

Dog grooming involves the cleaning and hygienic care of a dog. It is also meant to enhance the dog’s physical appearance. A dog groomer is a skilled person who earns his or her living through grooming dogs.

Ask Around

washing a dogEach time a dog leaves a groomer, it becomes a walking advertisement. It is advisable to talk to your kennel manager, your vet doctor, and neighbors. If you find a dog on the road with a unique style you like, just ask the owner where you can also have yours groomed. The truth is that people are ready to talk about their pets. You may realize that veterinary offices have specific policies not to refer clients to groomers or breeders.

Contact the Groomer

You can ask the groomer questions you want. For instance, did you go to a grooming school or have you been an apprentice with professional groomers? Have long have you been in this business? Do you have experience with different breeds? Also, check whether the groomer is a member of any professional organization. Besides, you should ask whether the groomer is certified and licensed in tick and flea applications.

Be Patient

dogs having funYou should note that most groomers are on a tight schedule. Thus, you should ask him or her whether they will call you back to answer your questions when they have adequate time. It is quite difficult to answer questions while grooming a dog. Remember that you need to develop a rapport with a potential groomer who can give you a good impression.

Trust Your Intuition

When you ask around, you can easily find answers to some of your questions. Hiring a professional groomer for the first time can be a daunting experience. However, if you carry out adequate research by asking around, you can find a reputable groomer who you can trust and enjoy excellent results.…