Top Massage Techniques You Should Know


There are various types of massage techniques you should know. Massage in Glasgow has a lot of benefits such as relieve pain, stress or improve your overall well-being. You should note that massage is an ancient art that has various variations depending on the region of origin. The following are some top massage techniques and their benefits:

Swedish massage

Swedish massage therapy This is considered to be the most popular type of massage in the world. It is commonly known as classic massage because it is the foundation of all other forms of western massage. In this case, a therapist uses his or her fingers to gently press the body to promote relaxation. It is suitable for a wide range of areas such as muscles. It is done using lotions and oils. The good thing about this type of massage technique is that it shortens recovery time and flushes out uric acid, lactic acid, and several other metabolic wastes. In this way, it increases the amount of oxygen in flood.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage focuses on deep layers of the muscle tissue. It is mainly used to promote relaxation. It mainly focuses on treating chronic pain. It works by treating connective tissue of your body rather than surface muscles. It has a lot of similarities with Swedish massage. However, it is known for deep pressure and slower movements. It is useful in tackling muscular, physical issues and restores normal movements.

Sports massage

This is mainly designed for the athletes. However, it is suitable for any person suffering from injury or chronic related problems. It mainly focuses on the healing of injuries and prevention of muscle problems. In fact, it is a deeper form of soft tissue massage and uses certain techniques to treat sports people.

Indian head massage

Indian head massageThis type of massage is quite popular in India and other parts of Asia. It has been found to be effective in relieving insomnia, headaches, stress, tension, migraine, and sinusitis. This type of treatment is quite relaxing and focuses on massaging your head. It can also massage other parts of the body such as upper arms, scalp, ears, face, and neck. This treatment uses a wide range of movements that include compression movements and deep kneading over the scalp, shoulder, and neck areas.

Zone therapy

It is also called reflexology massage. It is believed that reflex areas on the hands and feet correspond to certain organs and glands in the body. Therefore, by applying pressure on a particular reflex area, it has an impact on the given organ.…