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TRUEresult Blood Glucose Monitoring System



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All Medicare or private insurance customers will be eligible to receive a blood glucose meter with their first order of at least 100 test strips!

Free Shipping with purchase of any Medicare or private insurance covered item!

New blood glucose meter from Nipro!

Advanced Features. Outstanding Performance. Affordable Cost. More Value.
Featuring biosensor technology, the TrueTrack Smart System™ delivers nothing less than outstanding performance at an affordable cost. That makes TrueTrack™ the best value blood glucose monitoring system on the market today.

Tiny Blood Sample - Just 1 Microliter That's four times smaller than the leading national brand. That means less painful, more comfortable testing. Easy to Use - 2 Simple Steps With just two simple steps, the TrueTrack Smart System™ is very easy to use. Fast Results - Just 10 seconds

It's up to four times faster than the leading national brand.

With patented TRUEfill® technology, TRUEtest™ strips feature GoldSensor™ laser accuracy for enhanced precision and accuracy of test results. 

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